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If you could make "sister albums" into a singular album, what would be the tracklist?

2020.10.18 01:36 radiofan15 If you could make "sister albums" into a singular album, what would be the tracklist?

The idea is simple: some albums are meant to be considered together as part of a whole due to a myriad of reasons; it might be that they were recorded on the same sessions or way too close from each other, is an intentional thematic or stylistic continuation, or simply are different volumes of the same era.
Here are some of my own examples:
Ariana Grande - sweetener + thank u, next
The album is sequenced in a way reminiscent of what Nicki did with Roman Reloaded, with the more "experimental" Pharrell cuts in the middle of the album dividing both sides. 1. everytime 2. bad idea 3. NASA 4. R.E.M 5. ghostin 6. successful 7. thank u, next 8. the light is coming - with Nicki Minaj 9. sweetener 10. blazed - with Pharrell 11. goodnight n go 12. God is a woman 13. breathin 14. no tears left to cry 15. imagine
The Latín trap superstar's second solo album and the more impromptu quarantine release (released just weeks apart) are now combined into a balls-to-the-wall and more consistent release. 1. Yo Perreo Sola - with Ivy Queen 2. Pa' Romperla - with Don Omar 3. La Difícil 4. Bichiyal - with Yaviah 5. A Tu Merced 6. Una Vez - with Mora 7. Más Que Una Cita - with Zion & Lennox 8. La Santa - with Daddy Yankee 9. Está Cabrón Ser Yo - with Anuel AA 10. 25/8 11. P FKN R - Kendo Kaponi and Arcángel 12. Solía 13. Vete 14. Si Veo A Tu Mama 15. Ignorantes - with Sech 16. Bad Con Nicky - with Nicky Jam 18. <3 19. Hablamos Mañana - with Duki and Pablo Chill-E 20. Safaera - with Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow
Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated + Side B
Everyone is going to try their hands to Emotion so I'mma try with the follow-up release instead. 1. Party For One 2. Feels Right - with Electric Guest 3. No Drug Like Me 4. Now That I Found You 5. Stay Away 6. This Love Isn't Crazy 7. Happy Not Knowing 8. Julien 9. Summer Love 10. I'll Be Your Girl 11. Want You In My Room 12. Everything He Needs 13. Too Much 14. Comeback - with Bleachers 15. Automatically In Love 16. Now I Don't Hate California After All
Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby + The Sweet Escape
Now with the more racially questionable cuts and the mid-tempo new wave tunes out, enjoy this release from the never-aging queen of the 2000s. 1. What You Waiting For? 2. Wind It Up 3. Rich Girl - with Eve 4. Hollaback Girl 5. Crash 6. Yummy - with Pharrell 7. Cool 8. U Started It 9. The Sweet Escape 10. Luxurious - with Slim Thug 11. 4 In The Morning 12. Early Winter
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience
Distilling both parts of this era into one singular experience creates what I think its an album that just keeps its momentum going in a more organic fashion. 1. Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want) 2. Pusher Love Girl 3. True Blood 4. Suit & Tie - with Jay-Z 5. Don't Hold The Wall 6. Tunnel Vision 7. TKO 8. Take Back The Night 9. Blue Ocean Floor 10. Mirrors
Lady Gaga - The Fame + Monster
Imagine if this was Gaga's debut album... the slayage, the iconic was, the greatness of an all-killer no-filler album of such magnitude. 1. Just Dance - with Colby O'Donis 2. Poker Face 3. LoveGame 4. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 5. Telephone - with Beyoncé 6. The Fame 7. LoveGame 8. Alejandro 9. Dance In The Dark 10. Paparazzi 11. Bad Romance
Lana del Rey - Born to Die + Paradise
Would Lana's initial critical backlash have lessened if this was her debut album? Maybe, maybe not... but at least this edit might have converted some of her nan-sayers sooner... 1. Born to Die 2. Off To The Races 3. Blue Jeans 4. Video Games 5. Summertime Sadness 6. Ride 7. Radio 8. Lolita 9. Diet Mountain Dew 10. Dark Paradise 11. Cola 12. National Anthem 13. Blue Velvet
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi + E=MC²
In an alternative universe Mariah took some extra time after the relative failure of Charmbracelet and didn't came back until 2006/2007 with this album full of non-stop bangers that would have given Butterfly some much-needed competition. 1. It's Like That - with JD and Fatman Scoop 2. Migrate - with T-Pain 3. Stay The Night 4. Side Effects - with Jeezy 5. Say Somethin' - with Snoop Dogg 7. I'm That Chick 8. I'll Be Loving You Long Time - with T.I. 9. Touch My Body 10. I Stay In Love 11. Don't Forget About Us 12. Shake It Off 13. Fly Like A Bird 14. Circles 15. We Belong Together 16. Bye Bye
Michael Jackson - HIStory + Blood on the Dancefloor
After the infamous 1993 trials, let's let MJ release all his rage before we move on to something else... and oh boy, he has a lot to say! 1. Scream - with Janet Jackson 2. They Don't Care About Us 3. 2 Bad 4. Tabloid Junkie 5. Money 6. Morphine 7. Ghosts 8. History 9. Come Together 10. You Are Not Alone 11. Earth Song 12. Smile 13. Stranger In Moscow
Natalia Lafourcade - Musas 1 + 2 The Mexican icon released two albums mixing folk originals with classics that were critically acclaimed... but this distilled take might make it more digestible for those who might not be familiar with the style and genre.
  1. Desdeñosa - with Omara Portuondo and Eugenia Leon
  2. Tu Si Sabes Quererme
  3. Alma Mía
  4. Derecho de Nacimiento
  5. Rocío De Todos Los Campos
  6. Son Amores (That's Amore)
  7. Soledad Y El Mar
  8. Soy Lo Prohibido
  9. Danza de Gardenias
  10. La Llorona
  11. Tú Me Acostumbraste - with Omara Portuondo
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded + The Re-up
It's similarly structures, but with the twist of a less bloated tracklist that makes this already-strong sophomore effort into a bonafide classic. 1. Up In Flames 2. Roman Holiday 3. Bees In The Trap - with 2 Chainz 4. I Endorse These Strippers - with Tyga and Thomas Brinx 5. Come On A Cone 6. I Am Your Leader - with Cam'ron and Rick Ross 7. High School - with Lil Wayne 8. Starships 9. The Boys - with Cassie 10. Va Va Voom 11. Pound The Alarm 12. Marilyn Monroe 13. Gun Shot - with Beenie Man 14. Stupid Hoe 15. Turn Me On - with David Guetta; bonus track
Radiohead - Kid A + Amnesiac
This one hurts me A LOT... and I was the one who did it! 1. Everything In Its Right Place 2. Pyramid Song 3. How To Disappear Completely 4. Life In A Glasshouse 5. Idioteque 6. I Might Be Wrong 7. Knives Out 8. Morning Bell 9. The National Anthem 10. Motion Picture Soundtrack
You can use any loose track or alternative version from the same era to complement your ideal album.
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